The Syrian Minister of Defense’s Remarks for Directorate of Guidance

“The despotic Assad regime as well as its allies neither adhere to standards nor meet their commitments, and the Syrian National Army formations stationed on the seam lines should take the utmost care and caution.”

In a press interview conducted by the National Syrian Army’s Directorate of Guidance with Major General Engineer, “Salim Idris,” the Syrian Minister of Defense, the Major General spoke about the Agreement of Idlib and the extent of its potentials for its transformation into a permanent cessation of hostilities, saying:

The last ceasefire agreement in Idlib came after the meeting of Turkish President, “Recep Tayyip Erdogan” and the Russian President, Vladimir Putin” on 3/3/2020, and the two parties agreed to a ceasefire as of 06/03/2020.

It is well known that the Syrian authoritarian regime and the forces allied with neither adhere to standards nor meet their commitments, and they did not respect most of the agreements concluded with them, such as the de-escalation agreements that they and their Russian ally broke.

Everyone knows that the violations been committing by the regime and its allies’ of these agreements are on daily basis, and they ended in most cases with violent attacks resulting in control of more land thanks to Russian air support, and therefore I am not optimistic that they would respect this agreement, and the evidence of the violations that occur almost daily.

All of this requires the Syrian National Army formations stationed on the seam lines to take the utmost care, caution and constant combat readiness to repel any attacks that the enemy may consider to carry out.

On the possibility of the Turkish state implementing its warnings about kicking the regime beyond “Murek” south, according to the “Sochi Borders”, Major General said:

“The people who were displaced from their homes due to the Russian barbaric bombing and the battles that took place in the region, and whose regions are still under the control of the regime, do not absolutely trust such a regime and cannot return to their homes, of which the Russian military aviation destroyed as the infrastructure of those areas was completely collapsed, and the regime forces and allies stole every single thing left by the civilians fled the killing machine.”

“The obvious solution that can prevent these aggressors from carrying out their crime is the departure of the forces of the regime beyond the lines that were agreed upon in the Astana-Sochi negotiations, i.e. south of “Murek,” and of course we are not waiting for them to do so, and I am sure that these areas can only be liberated by force.”

“We – the Syrian National Army – must do all the means available to restore not only these areas, but to liberate the entire Syrian soil from all occupation forces (Russian – Iranian) and from the traitorous army forces that destroyed the country under the orders of a criminal person who sold the homeland and its people in the hope that it will continue to be in power that he originally raped through falsehood.”

The Major General referred to the steps taken by the National Army to prevent the recurrence of fatal security breaches, such as the brutal massacre committed by separatist (YPG) militia in the city of Afrin, as more than 40 civilians were killed, adding:

Ensuring the security of liberated areas requires an integrated security system that works on the basis of a security plan in which tasks and responsibilities are distributed to all parties in which they are supposed to participate.

The situation in the liberated areas differs greatly from that in the stable countries, and achieving security in them requires close cooperation between the National Army and the civil police, and the cooperation of all honorable citizens, where everyone who obtains information related to the security of citizens must be in a hurry to deliver to the competent authorities.

What the National Army should do in terms of the security affairs are:

• Tightening security measures on the lines of contact with the enemy.

• Set up ambushes in areas where smugglers (cars and individuals) might think of passing into the liberated areas.

• Providing the crossings with round-the-clock surveillance cameras and detectors for explosives, unfortunately they are not available yet.

• Careful inspection of cars and individuals entering the liberated areas through the crossings (when these crossings are open).

• Careful inspection of all vehicles and personnel at the entrances to towns and cities.

• Strengthening intelligence work.

• Close and permanent cooperation with the civilian police.

Currently the National Army fulfills many of these duties with the capabilities available, and makes every effort to prevent terrorist bombings.

On the possibility of carrying out military action soon to liberate Ain Al-Arab and other areas of strategic importance for the Syrian revolution and its allies, the Syrian Minister of Defense said:

As everyone knows, there are international attitudes of major powers that have a very strong political and military influence, and they are present in the battlefield, such as Russia and U.S., which has thrown all its political weight and hindered the expansion of the military operation.

Moreover, a large number of European countries and some Arab countries practiced a tremendous political and media activity during the battle in support of the separatist terrorist militias.

We in the Syrian National Army are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to liberate Manbij, Tal Refaat, and Ain Al-Arab have as well as other cities and towns currently under the control of the SDF and PKK / PPD gangs and all of the territories of the Republic currently occupied by the Russians and Persians all.

 The Maj. Gen. spoke about the existence of a future plan in cooperation with the Turkish brothers to increase the organization of the Syrian National Army and further consolidate the military regime in.

He stressed that there is a plan to organize the Syrian National Army and move it from the current situation to a full military one, and this plan will be implemented in coordination with the commanders of the formations and leaders from all levels.

He added that it is necessary here to recall that the current Syrian National Army formations have liberated the areas of the Euphrates Shield, the Olive Branch and the Peace Spring from ISIS, and from the separatist terrorist gangs, and defend the liberated areas in the countryside of Idlib, Aleppo, and the coastal area as well.

All these heroic deeds have sparked hatred against them, by parties bark day and night via TV. channels and we know them well as enemies of us and our revolution.

The Syrian National Army has provided convoys of martyrs to liberate this land, and has not and will spare any effort to liberate Syria from the tyrant of the Levant and the forces of the Russian and Persian occupiers.

Maj. Gen. spoke about the possibility of Moscow relinquishing the head of the regime, saying:

Russia did not support Bashar, the criminal who used chemical weapons because they belive in him, rather supported him because it (Russia) has huge interests in Syria, and the former sold it “Hmeimim base”, and he signed contracts with it to invest in the huge Syrian gas fields, and he sold phosphate mines and others, etc. – as well as what he sold to Iran.

Today, the tyrannical regime owes much to Russia and is unable to pay back. Not long ago, the Russians insulted and ridiculed Bashar in various situations, and it seems recently that the Russians have been convinced that he is the head of rampant corruption in Syria, and launched their media balloons to see, and I am sure that they will get rid of him, but I cannot specify the time they need to do so, because this matter is related to many matters that cannot be mentioned here.

Since 2013, I know for sure that the Russians are not clinging to Bashar, and today there is no doubt that he has become a burden on them, and no one has any interest in his survival.

The Major General spoke about his expectations that the international community, led by the United States of America, changed his pragmatic view on the Assad regime, saying:

The entire international community knows that:

The regime of Al-Assad is a terrorist dictatorship.

This very regime has used chemical weapons over and over against Syrian civilians.

This regime has displaced more than two thirds of the Syrian people inside and outside the country.

Bashar’s regime cooperates with the terrorist organization “Al-Qaeda,” and has created extremism and has been and continues to support terrorism.

The regime of Bashar burned Syria like (Nero burned Rome, which is one city). As for this fool, (Bahsar) burned an entire country and displaced more than 13 million Syrians.

The Assad regime has destroyed the Syrian social fabric and created a rift between the components of the people, which will take a very long time to reform.

The international community has done nothing, and will not. The international community is no more than an illusion that we should not be attached to, and we must rely after God on ourselves to get rid of this flagellant.

It is true that we must work to communicate our voice and explain our issue to the world in order not to allow the media apparatus and its supporters to mislead the world public opinion, but we must not wait for a solution to our suffering from the international community.

In the conclusion of his speech, Major General, Salim Idris, the Syrian Minister of Defense, said:

I extend my greetings and appreciation to all my brothers in the Syrian National Army, leaders and fighters, calling on God Almighty to protect them and their families and all our great and patient Syrian people from all harm, and to victory over the occupiers and separatist terrorists.

I also call on them to increase interest in preparation and training, and I call on leaders to pay attention to the affairs of combatants.

O the heroes of the Syrian National Army, you are the hope of salvation and liberation, big love for you, and do not forget to aid your families in the liberated areas and to have the highest levels of discipline.

A salute to the souls of our righteous martyrs and a speedy recovery for the wounded, and, God willing, Syria will be liberated and will return to be the region’s diamond.

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